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Law schools now number 200

Last week, the United States became the first country to have 200 accredited law schools when the ABA gave provisional approval to two more in North Carolina. According to this AP article: For universities, a new law school is a ...

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U.S. News’ law school rankings

Wondering how your alma mater will fare in the 2009 U.S. News & World Report law school rankings? Well, wonder no longer, as the first page of the rankings has leaked. Check it out. And thanks to AbovetheLaw.com for the ...

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Turning doubt into dough

Access Group, a non-profit student loan company, is running a contest to see which law student can produce the best video depicting worries during law school. The prize: A $10,000 scholarship. The “One Less Worry Contest” plays off the company’s ...

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Preparing for the legal profession

One of the most common complaints among young lawyers is not the high cost of obtaining a J.D. (though for some, including this writer, it ranks #1), but rather that they were not adequately prepared to actually practice law. In ...

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Some cracks in the 3L Baby Window

I ordinarily like reading Ms. JD, a group blog focusing on issues of interest to female lawyers and law students, but this post bugs me to no end. Apparently the “experts” have conferred and decided that the spring of a ...

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