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Nov 4, 2010

Senate GOP leader takes aim at health care law

WASHINGTON — The Senate’s Republican leader has a simple postelection message for President Barack Obama: Move toward the GOP or get no help from its lawmakers. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday offered an aggressive assessment of the election results, calling for votes to erode the reach of the health care law that was […]

Nov 1, 2010

Political gridlock after election could hurt economy

WASHINGTON — Political gridlock is supposed to be good for business. If bickering lawmakers can’t agree on anything, the thinking goes, they can’t pass laws and regulations that make the economy worse. So will the midterm elections, which are expected to leave Congress at least partially controlled by Republicans and squaring off against a Democratic […]

Sep 15, 2010

As elections near, fates of some Md. lawmakers already sealed

Election Day is still six weeks away, but the fates of several Maryland lawmakers, including some closely involved in business issues, are already sealed. The state Senate, particularly districts in Montgomery County, Baltimore and Western Maryland, saw some of the fiercest and closest contests. According to preliminary results from Tuesday’s primary election, Sen. Rona E. […]

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