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ACLU, state reach settlement over Lawyers’ Mall solicitation ban

The Department of General Services will no longer ban financial solicitations on Lawyers’ Mall and will pay nearly $100,000 to compensate groups prohibited from engaging in what they called constitutionally protected speech, under a settlement announced Wednesday. The ACLU of ...

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State agency suspends enforcement of Lawyers’ Mall solicitation ban

The Department of General Services will suspend until July 11 enforcement of its controversial ban on financial solicitations on Lawyers’ Mall as the state agency tries to resolve the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland’s claim that the prohibition violates the constitutional right to free speech.

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Construction unions continue aggressive campaign for P.G. casino

ANNAPOLIS — Labor union leaders criticized the stalled gambling negotiations among state lawmakers Monday, saying the snarled debate was preventing the largest construction project for union jobs in the country. The claim, made as about 20 members of the Washington ...

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Opponents want fee on lands leased for fracking

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland opponents of a controversial drilling technique want to asses a $10 per-acre fee on land leased for extracting gas. The retroactive fee would apply to lands leased for hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, a method of ...

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The wind lobby and more to watch this week

The O’Malley Administration is enlisting support for the governor’s offshore wind energy bill from people in all walks of life. Emails went flying out to the media last Friday. First came word that 30 religious leaders from Prince George’s County would ...

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C. Fraser Smith: State of the unions

ANNAPOLIS — They were in full campaign mode outside the State House Tuesday, arguing that the end is near — the end of a world built brick by brick by unions. The heart of that world, they say, is collective ...

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