Aug 13, 2013

Boss: Manning wasn’t too mentally unstable to work

FORT MEADE — Army Pfc. Bradley Manning’s violent outbursts and a photo of himself dressed as a woman ideally should have blocked him from deploying to Iraq, but the Army needed his skills, the soldier’s former boss testified Tuesday. Retired Sgt. 1st Class Paul Adkins testified as a defense witness at the sentencing hearing for […]

Aug 8, 2013

Fort Hood trial resumes as lawyers demand removal

FORT HOOD, Texas — The soldier on trial for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood was allowed to continue representing himself on Thursday after the judge ordered his standby attorneys to stay on the case, despite their claims that the Army psychiatrist was trying to secure his own death sentence. The military lawyers ordered […]

Aug 1, 2013

Terraces offer respite from workaday stress

Jim Astrachan apologizes for the condition of his three tomato plants. “I haven’t been able to water them over the weekend … so they don’t look too great,” Astrachan said recently, standing on a balcony outside his law office on East Redwood Street, 21 stories above downtown Baltimore.

Jul 30, 2013

The blame game

Own your mistakes as much as you own any of your successes.

Jul 22, 2013

Law blog roundup

The George Zimmerman case is not over for its prosecutors.

Jul 16, 2013

Law firms embrace the philosophy of ‘knowledge management’ in hopes of not being the people who lose the dinosaur

Imagine that your law firm has, squirreled away somewhere in storage, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. You own the bones of a six-ton prehistoric beast that could net big bucks and inspire envy among paleontologists everywhere.

Jul 1, 2013

It’s official: Only lawyers can argue before Supreme Court now

WASHINGTON — You must be a lawyer to argue before the Supreme Court. Thought that already was the case? It wasn’t — until Monday, when the Supreme Court revised its 80-page rule book for the first time since 2010. The update covers items such as filing deadlines but also adds Rule 28.8, which requires anyone […]

Jul 1, 2013

The need for caffeine

At my new office, I am the only one who really drinks coffee, something I’ve never really encountered before in the legal profession.

Jun 18, 2013

Networking at the beach

In a time of smartphones and videoconferencing we may have forgotten the importance of cultivating relationships through a firm handshake and light conversation.

Jun 14, 2013

Supreme Court archive has about 14K hours of audio

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell’s Tidewater Virginia drawl could make the word “court” sound as if it had two syllables. And Justice Clarence Thomas, though he doesn’t talk much, speaks in a deep baritone. The voices of those justices and 30 others, as well as thousands of lawyers who have argued before […]

Jun 11, 2013

Newsmakers – Michael J. Baxter

Michael J. Baxter, the incoming president of the Maryland State Bar Association, spoke to Daily Record reporters and editors about his goals for his term in office. Among them are to assist lawyers in their practices, particularly new lawyers fresh out of law school.

May 23, 2013

Lawyers take pride in representing members of the armed services

When Steven H. Levin drove to Marine Corps Base Quantico to see a client who had been court-martialed, he asked a guard at the gate how to get to the brig.

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