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Gerald Neily: Red Line plan should be stopped in its tracks

Greater Baltimore Committee President Donald C. Fry apparently does not recognize that something has gone seriously wrong with Baltimore’s proposed Red Line plan over the nearly a half-century since its inception. In the Oct. 17 Daily Record, he recalled how the east-west transit line was "included in the proposed Baltimore regional rail rapid transit system that was published in the GBC's 1968 annual report."

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Dan Friedman: Decision’s true value lies in its calculation of the deadline

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeals decided that former Del. Tiffany T. Alston had been expelled by operation of law upon her conviction for misconduct in office, despite the subsequent modification of that conviction into a probation before judgment; that the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee could withdraw its earlier nomination of Gregory Hall to fill the resulting vacancy; and that after that withdrawal Gov. Martin O’Malley was free to appoint someone else to the vacancy. Hall v. P.G. Co. Democratic Cent. Comm., 431 Md. 108. (2013).

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Cristen S. Rose and James P. Rathvon: Stating your case to the client

Consumers of legal services have no shortage of options, yet recent surveys indicate that many clients are less than satisfied with the services they receive from their lawyers. This would suggest that there are plenty of opportunities for attorneys who provide superior legal services to gain clients and build a successful practice.

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Jack L.B. Gohn: Our metadata, ourselves

Sen. John McCain recently expressed surprise that young people see Edward Snowden as a hero. It’s surprising he’s surprised. When, thanks almost exclusively to Snowden, we have learned of the existence of huge government programs that impinge drastically upon everyone’s privacy (in their Internet communications, their telephone calls, their mail and their own computers), and we see the price Snowden has had to pay, is it any wonder there are people who think of him as a hero?

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