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John Bruch: Small firms face big challenges when leaders retire

Transitioning a small law firm from one leader to the next is a challenging and complex process, encompassing the transfer of clients, negotiating financial terms of the partner’s departure and choosing his or her successor. Unlike larger firms with a plethora of experienced attorneys ready to step up and fill the gap, smaller practices often have an “elder statesman” or “stateswoman” who forms the backbone of the practice and has strong personal bonds with clients. Without a solid succession plan, their departure could alienate clients and harm the practice.

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Edward J. Levin: Lenders not liable for recordation taxes on IDOTS

Affirming the holding of the Maryland Tax Court, the Circuit Court for Howard County ruled this month that when the recordation tax becomes due on an indemnity mortgage or an indemnity deed of trust (an “IDOT”), the party responsible to pay the tax is the guarantor who executed the IDOT.

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Editorial Advisory Board: Five well-qualified candidates for high court

Five attorneys have signified their interest in the Baltimore city seat on the Maryland Court of Appeals occupied for so many years by retiring Chief Judge Robert M. Bell: the Honorable Stuart R. Berger, the Honorable Albert J. Matricciani Jr., private practitioner M. Natalie McSherry, the Honorable W. Michel Pierson and the Honorable Shirley M. Watts. The good news for the Maryland Bar as well as the citizens of Maryland is that all five of these candidates are excellent attorneys and are well-qualified to sit on the Court of Appeals.

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Jack L.B. Gohn: Two lawyers named Thomas

King Henry VIII of England and his intimates have recently been brought to televised life in The Tudors and revivified in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy of historical novels, now two-thirds complete, about Lord Chamberlain Thomas Cromwell. The books and the television show run us through all the same events and from a surprisingly similar perspective. A picture emerges.

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Edward J. Levin: New law relates to IDOTs, refinancings

Recent Maryland legislation will change the law affecting indemnity mortgages and indemnity deeds of trust (“IDOTs”) as well as refinancings in this state generally. Effective July 1, the new law raises the size of loan transactions involving IDOTs which are taxable when they are recorded from $1 million to $3 million, and it changes the way refinancings in Maryland are taxed.

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