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Md. court suspends Rockville attorney over client billing

A Rockville attorney who attempted to impose a retaining lien on his client’s file due to unpaid legal fees despite having already violated the fee agreement himself by failing to provide the invoices she requested has been indefinitely suspended by ...

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Six client complaints lead to disbarment of Towson attorney

Following an attorney grievance investigation that began with six separate client complaints, a Towson attorney was disbarred due to her lack of response to inquiries from clients and Bar Counsel, her “egregious abandonment” of cases and her failure to return ...

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Lawyer accused with Shkreli allowed to travel to Mexico

Even a federal indictment won’t get in the way of lawyer Evan Greebel’s holiday vacation. Greebel, indicted last week on federal charges that he helped Martin Shkreli defraud investors, won a judge’s permission on Monday to travel to Cancun, Mexico, ...

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Law school enrollment down nationwide

Law School

Law school enrollment nationwide is still falling, although the decline in students interested in pursuing a legal degree wasn’t quite as pronounced this year as in the recent past, according to data released by the American Bar Association this week. ...

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Top court explains disbarment of attorney who abandoned clients

The Court of Appeals disbarred an attorney because he abandoned his representation of clients in two separate cases and failed to inform Bar Counsel that he had violated an agreement to stop using alcohol and attend counseling sessions. The court ...

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Lawsuit: Baltimore-based pharmacy fired whistleblowing employee

A Baltimore-based long-term care pharmacy is being sued by a former employee who alleges she was fired last year for reporting errors and misconduct that put patients’ health and lives in danger. Rachel DiMartino had been an overnight shift pharmacist ...

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