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Letters to the Editor: Readers rebut letter critical of UM law clinic

Stephen Z. Meehan’s letter (“Dean’s departure is opportunity for reform at UM law clinic,” July 24) about the resignation of the highly-regarded dean of the University of Maryland law school was irresponsible and misleading. As a lawyer, I am ashamed that it was written by another member of my profession. On its face, it appears a continuation of the shameless, divisive public relations campaign waged by Perdue and its agribusiness allies that characterized the Environmental Law Clinic’s lawsuit as part of a “war on the family farmer.”

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Letters to the Editor – 4/23/13

More surreal than the three ironies cited by Laslo Boyd in his April 14 column regarding Towson Athletics [“Three shades of irony – the politics of Towson athletics”] is his curious failure to disclose his role as chief of staff to Interim President Marcia Welsh, which occurred at the onset of Mike Waddell's tenure as athletic director.

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Letters to the Editor – 4/12/13

Peter Franchot’s defamatory comment about Towson University President Maravene Loeschke (“Franchot: State funding of Towson baseball a ‘bad idea’”, Eye on Annapolis, April 3) is reprehensible. Calling Dr. Loeschke a liar in connection with her decision to discontinue two sports programs at Towson is patently unfair and manifestly untrue.

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Letters to the Editor – 3/29/13

As Alexander Pyles recently reported (“Cardin Predicts Online Sales Tax,” March 18), there’s a complex plan pending to raise money for Maryland transportation projects which hinges upon the ability of the U.S. Congress to pass legislation known as the Marketplace Fairness Amendment that would allow states to collect sales taxes on online purchases made by their residents from websites based in other states.

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Letters to the Editor: Lucille Gorham – Role model for E. Baltimore

Ms. Lucille Gorham, a longtime resident and activist of East Baltimore died Saturday Nov. 3. Until 2006, she lived in a home on Chase Street which she owned, after being displaced three times for small and large expansion projects of ...

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