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Emily H. Wein: Changes ahead for the Maryland telehealth industry (access required)

Telemedicine, or more generally telehealth, is not new. It has been around for decades but historically has not been a service modality commonly used by health care providers due to limited coverage and reimbursement imposed by Medicare. Restrictions on rendering ...

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Md. Senate food truck reciprocal licensing bill causes food fight (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — Food truck operators across the state could pay less in licensing fees under a bill being considered in the General Assembly. But concerns expressed by brick-and-mortar restaurateurs over potentially high costs for them and fewer health inspections for ...

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Months after the petition for judicial review was filed, appellant sought a remand to the Md. Real Estate Commission so it could consider newly discovered evidence. 1) Did the trial judge abuse his discretion by refusing to consider the new evidence? 2) Did the judge err when he affirmed the Commission's decision?

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Bay Foundation to intervene in dam relicensing

ANNAPOLIS — The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has filed to intervene in the relicensing of the hydropower facility at the Conowingo Dam. The foundation said Tuesday that it will urge a solution to the effects the dam has on water quality ...

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Frosh claims victory over NRA (access required)

Sen. Brian E. Frosh says the National Rifle Association's decision to fight Maryland's yet-to-be-signed gun control law in court rather than at the polls shows the pro-gun organization knows state voters would uphold the law.

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