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East Baltimore residents’ dreams derailed by EBDI project

The plan to redevelop East Baltimore was announced in January 2001, but 10 years later, the the redevelopment has fallen short. Hundreds of residents have been relocated, while leaving whole blocks of row homes vacant and wide open fields where houses once stood. For some residents, the experience has been unsettling.

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EBDI interviews: Glenn Ross

Community advocate Glenn Ross lives in McElderry Park, the next neighborhood over from The New East Baltimore project. He has seen much transition in his community over the past 10 years.

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EBDI interviews: Donald Gresham

Donald Gresham, once homeless, became a homeowner in East Baltimore, and was removed under eminent domain. He is currently relocating to a renovated house on McDonough Street, still at the EBDI site.

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EBDI interviews: Lisa Francis

East Baltimore resident Lisa Francis was the last remaining resident on her street before she was relocated to McDonough Street, where she is, again, the only resident. Since her relocation, she has dealt with insurance and safety issues and a water main break.

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East Baltimore Development Inc. interactive timeline: 2001-2010

Below is an interactive timeline of the East Baltimore Development Inc. project’s progress over the past decade since it was announced by then-Mayor Martin O’Malley. (Complete coverage) Click on the pink bars on the timeline to see the dates, and ...

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