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8 tips for saving, borrowing and spending money

The best personal finance advice is tailored to your individual situation. That said, a few rules of thumb can cut through the confusion that often surrounds money decisions and help you build a solid financial foundation. The following guidelines for ...

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Can you trust your mobile payment app?

Money transfer apps including Venmo, Cash App and PayPal have surged in popularity during the pandemic as people seek safe, contactless ways to send and receive money. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the limitations of these payment platforms or how ...

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Is your financial adviser really helping you?

Stock market crashes don’t just test investors’ mettle. Abrupt downturns also can reveal what kind of financial adviser you have. Some people will discover, to their horror, that they’ve been dealing with outright crooks. Ponzi schemes are among the cons ...

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Liz Weston: Here are money mistakes even smart investors make

Certified financial planner Jill Schlesinger has seen smart people make some pretty spectacular money mistakes. One client who repeatedly refused to buy disability insurance later developed multiple sclerosis. A doctor she knew put off writing a will and left behind ...

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