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Hilco settles debt collection suit for $328K

About 600 Marylanders who were sued over old debts will see those lawsuits disappear and their credit scores rise — and, within 45 days, should receive a check for their pro rata share of the $328,000 settlement of a class ...

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One road to entrepreneurship that started in the Virgin Islands

The journey of entrepreneurship began for us in February 2005 while sitting on the beach in the Virgin Islands. (Over the years, we have found that we always do our best strategic thinking on vacation.) I had been freelancing some ...

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CSA nixes county’s restrictions on gravel mines

Queen Anne’s County ran afoul of state law in restricting the size and duration of sand and gravel mines within its borders, the Court of Special Appeals has held. The decision is a win for excavators East Star LLC, Shore ...

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Opinions – 10/24/11: U.S. District Court, Maryland

Civil Procedure Jurisdiction BOTTOM LINE: Notwithstanding that lawsuit was first filed by plaintiff in district court in Maryland, the pendency of a damages action in a California district court constituted good reason for Maryland district court to deviate from the ...

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