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Dec 1, 2013

Luwanda Jenkins: Women in higher education unite through forum

The Women’s Forum recently hosted its annual conference at Towson University, which drew a large turnout of women who are employed by or who attend member campuses, inside the University System of Maryland and at other universities.

Aug 29, 2013

Luwanda Jenkins: Required back-to-school reading

As you turn the final page of that sizzling summer novel and rush to get the last of the back-to- school supplies for your kids, think about checking out these must-read books. Perfect for women who want to get a seat at the table in the office, these three titles provide practical and proven strategies to help professional women negotiate their path to leadership success.

Jun 20, 2013

Luwanda Jenkins: Men should glean from ‘Lean’

I’m not one who usually jumps on the latest trends, even when it comes to a hot new book with an important point of view on women and leadership. So I thought I’d allow a little lead time to let “Lean In” settle in before rushing to gather the opinions of women who are connecting with this new twist on an age-old revelation that it’s still a man’s world.

Dec 9, 2012

Luwanda Jenkins – Sallie Krawcheck’s insights inspire and challenge

There’s something very affirming and reassuring about a highly accomplished professional woman who can admit that she’s faced many challenges and setbacks on her path to success.

Apr 29, 2012

Luwanda Jenkins – Women on corporate boards: Work in progress

The recent release of Network 2000’s 2012 Census of “Women Board of Directors in Maryland” reminds me of that advertising slogan from back in the ‘70s — “you’ve come a long way baby” — which in addition to selling Virginia Slims cigarettes boldly proclaimed that women were forging ahead on all levels. While the news […]

Mar 19, 2012

Luwanda Jenkins: 10 suggestions for a mentoring makeover

The act of career-focused mentoring has been around for a while. It is a widely accepted practice for developing talent and providing sound career advice. Many seasoned professionals attribute their success, in part, to their relationships with mentors. While we know mentoring has many benefits, the relationship aspect of mentoring can suffer if it lacks […]

Dec 27, 2011

Luwanda Jenkins: Good signs for working women despite economy

There was a genuine spirit of sisterly good will and collegial applause among the 46 Leading Women honorees and the family members, friends and co-workers who came to commemorate their evening of recognition at The Daily Record’s second annual event on Dec. 1. The amazing accomplishments of the dynamic under-40 overachievers captivated the audience. While […]

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