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Marianne D. Fishler: Make sure to plan with tax changes looming

It is particularly important to pay attention to your estate and income tax planning this year, as we approach the fiscal cliff, sunset of some attractive tax laws and the potential of some additional taxes. The following are some strategies you may want to consider as we move toward year end.

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Marianne D. Fishler: Diversification is more important than style

A long-standing argument in the investment community has been whether active management of a portfolio can actually produce better investment results than a passive portfolio. And with the volatility of the markets in recent history, this conversation seems to have ...

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Marianne D. Fishler: Keep risk in mind when chasing high yields

On March 13, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterated the Federal Open Market Committee’s intention to keep interest rates low through 2014. This is welcome news for mortgage borrowers or those invested in equities, as investors may decide to move ...

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Marianne D. Fishler: In this economy, more risk may be necessary

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced that short-term interest rates will remain low (near 0 percent) through the end of 2014. Is this good or bad? As with most things, it depends. The bad news is that the reason ...

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Marianne D. Fishler: A credible Europe solution would aid markets

Over the last 10 years, investors have certainly had many issues facing them as they make long-term decisions regarding their investment strategy. The most recent issue affecting the markets is Europe (although the budget debate in the U.S. is a ...

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Marianne D. Fishler: Study all of your options for long-term care

A friend of mine recently moved his elderly mother into an assisted living facility. It was a difficult decision for the family to make, but a necessary one given the human and financial resources required for her to continue to ...

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