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Tag Archives: marital property

Md. court sets framework for resolving frozen-embryo disputes

A divorcing couple’s fight over the fate of their frozen pre-embryo will return to trial after Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Thursday that a judge’s decision to await an agreement between the warring spouses was premature because the wife wants to ...

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Md. high court: Spouses can decouple property without calling it ‘non-marital’

A married couple can agree that property they buy as husband and wife belongs solely to him or her without expressly stating in the agreement that the property is “non-marital,” Maryland’s top court has ruled. The Court of Appeals decision ...

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Jennifer Brandeen v. David Brandeen

Presents four questions for review, which we have rephrased slightly: I. Did the trial court err by ordering that the monetary award be paid out of her share of a jointly titled account? II. Did the trial court err or abuse its discretion by not making the child support award retroactive to the date Jennifer filed for divorce?

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Kerrin S. Smith (f/k/a Kerrin S. Avedon) v. Robert P. Avedon

1. Did the trial court err in excluding from marital property a portion of the good will in Husband’s insurance brokerage company? 2. Did the trial court commit clear error in determining appellee’s yearly income to be $265,000 as of the date of divorce? 3. Did the trial court abuse its discretion in declining to award Wife indefinite alimony?

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