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‘Fuvista’ CEO gets out of jail, but not for free

After spending two weeks in jail in three states and two countries, Creative Pipe Inc. CEO Mark T. Pappas was given a conditional release on Friday after wiring $120,000 from his corporate account to pay down earlier civil sanctions against him.

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Infringer hauled back from Belize to face civil contempt charges

After years of destroying evidence and ignoring court orders in a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit, Mark T. Pappas, CEO of Creative Pipe Inc., was arrested at his beachfront condo in Central America ...

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‘Fuvista’ firm may be trying the judge’s patience

The threat of jail time and further cash sanctions once again loom for California businessman Mark T. Pappas, who faced a similar threat last year for destroying emails and other electronic materials in the course of a long-running trademark spat ...

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