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Maryland Appellate Court

Mar 9, 2023

Law Digest — 4th US Circuit, Md. Supreme and Appellate Courts — March 9, 2023

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit Securities; misrepresentations or omissions: Where shareholders suing a biopharmaceutical company for alleged misstatements failed to sufficiently allege any actionable misrepresentations or omissions that would give rise to a duty to disclose, and certain statements amounted to puffery or inactionable opinion or were sufficiently hedged with cautionary st[...]

Feb 9, 2023

Law Digest — Md. Supreme Court, Appellate Court — Feb. 9, 2023

Maryland Supreme Court Sanctions; flagrant and persistent MARPC violations: Where an attorney failed to adequately represent his client in litigation, failed to sufficiently communicate with the client, billed for legal services he did not provide and made knowing and material misrepresentations to the court, he was disbarred for his “flagrant and persistent” violations. Attorney Grievance [&h[...]

Feb 1, 2023

Law Digest — Md. Appellate Court — Feb. 2, 2023

Maryland Supreme Court  Administrative; conflict of interest: Where residents alleged a development plan approved by Calvert County was “illegally passed” and is “therefore void” because one of the commissioners had a conflict of interest in the legislation and did not recuse himself, their suit was dismissed. A petitioner may not ordinarily seek relief from the […]

Jan 12, 2023

Law Digest — Md. Appellate Court — Jan. 12, 2023

Maryland Appellate Court Medical Malpractice; certificate of qualified expert: Where the Healthcare Malpractice Claims Act, or HCMCA, allows a plaintiff to submit a certificate of qualified expert from a person who is not board certified in the defendant’s specialty if the expert “taught medicine in the defendant’s specialty or a related field of health care,” […]

Jan 5, 2023

Law Digest — Maryland Appellate Court — Jan. 5, 2023

Maryland Appellate Court Administrative; review of planning board decision: Where a homeowner alleged that the Prince George’s County Planning Board abused its discretion, and acted arbitrarily and capriciously, by approving an amended detailed site plan for mixed-use residential and commercial development, but there was substantial evidence in the record supporting the Planning Board’s findin[...]

Dec 29, 2022

Law Digest — Md. Supreme Court, Md. Appellate Court — Dec. 29, 2022

Maryland Supreme Court Administrative; agency deference: Where a reviewing court applies agency deference to legal interpretations of a tax statute when undertaking judicial review of a tax court decision, the court may give appropriate deference to the state comptroller’s interpretation of a tax statute to the extent the interpretation is premised upon a statute that […]

Dec 28, 2022

Jail call plus ‘extrinsic’ evidence support conviction for soliciting murder, appeals court rules

A judge did not err in deciding that a defendant's phone call from jail was a coded request for another man to commit murder, the Appellate Court of Maryland found.

Nov 9, 2022

Voters approve new names for Court of Appeals, Special Appeals

Maryland voters approved a constitutional amendment to change the name of the state’s top judicial tribunal.

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