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Criminal background checks: Can they get your business in trouble?

As a result of the increasing number of individuals who come into contact with the criminal justice system, a growing number of businesses and government entities are conducting criminal background checks on potential and existing employees. But governments are also putting restrictions in place on what at times can be used or perceived as a discriminatory practice.

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Hug, prolific Maryland fundraiser, dies at 78

Richard E. Hug, 78, a businessman and prolific fundraiser who raised money for and advised Republican political candidates ranging from former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehlrich Jr. to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, died Saturday.

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Senate committee hears debate over contributory negligence legislation

Business lobbyists and plaintiffs’ attorneys battled before a Senate committee Tuesday over legislation that would codify Maryland’s longstanding court-made law that defendants cannot be held liable for damages if the plaintiffs’ negligence contributed at all to their injuries.

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