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Law digest – 4/18/13

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, Communication with juror: The trial court’s substitution of a juror with an alternate at the start of deliberations, without first notifying counsel of the juror communication that prompted that action and seeking counsel’s response ...

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Opinions – 4/18/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Administrative Law Evidence at police trial board hearing  BOTTOM LINE: The police department, in a disciplinary proceeding of an officer, did not violate the rights of the officer by failing to disclose certain information regarding the FBI’s investigation of another ...

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Opinions – 4/11/13: Court of Special Appeals

Labor & Employment Age discrimination BOTTOM LINE: Defendant was entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff’s age discrimination claim, where defendant presented a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for its refusal to hire plaintiff and plaintiff failed to adduce sufficient evidence to meet ...

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Panel advances bill to limit right to public defender

Over the objection of the Maryland public defender and civil rights advocates, the full Senate will soon consider legislation that would require defendants to reapply for free legal assistance after they either post bond or are released on their own recognizance pending trial.

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Carroll House of Annapolis can keep the chiller, CSA holds

The new air-conditioning unit for the historic Charles Carroll House of Annapolis must be approved over the objections of nearby residents, who describe it as a “jarring eyesore that “makes a tremendous amount of noise,” the Court of Special Appeals held.

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