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Baltimore City District Court launches veterans treatment docket

(Photo Illustration by Maximilian Franz)

The District Court of Maryland in Baltimore City plans to launch a veterans treatment docket on Tuesday, following in the footsteps of Prince George’s County Circuit Court and becoming the first district court in the state to offer a docket ...

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Morrissey unveils appointed attorneys plan

The incoming chief judge of Maryland District Court on Thursday renewed his call for the state’s lawyers to represent indigent arrestees at initial bail hearings either for free or at a compensation rate of $50 per hour — even though the state’s top court has yet to give final approval to rules implementing the representation program.

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Private bar may share bail work

Wilner, Alan10MF_web

Maryland District Court administrative judges would appoint private attorneys to represent defendants at initial bail hearings whenever the public defender’s office cannot provide the representation due to inadequate funding or staffing, under a proposal headed to the state’s top court.

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