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Legislative obstacles hurt efforts to protect wrongly convicted, lawmakers say

Institutional obstacles in the Maryland General Assembly impede legislative efforts to enable the wrongly convicted to prove their innocence and, once exonerated, to be appropriately compensated for the years they lost, state legislators said Thursday.

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Marylanders divided on fracking

Marylanders remain divided on the issue of banning a controversial natural gas extraction process. A poll released Monday by the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center at Goucher College found that 43 percent of those surveyed said they support or ...

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Environmentalists critical of Prince George’s development bill

A bill critics say favors developers and weakens forest protections in Prince George’s County has drawn the ire of environmental groups. The Prince George’s delegation on Friday voted to support a bill in the General Assembly that the Chesapeake Bay ...

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Frosh backs bill to protect sellers of structured settlements

Attorney General Brian E. Frosh urged lawmakers Thursday to pass legislation protecting holders of structured settlements, who have already suffered personal injuries, from a “predatory” purchaser who preys on their imminent need for money by offering them just pennies on the dollars due to them.

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