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Top court’s financial disclosures provide snapshot

Six of the seven judges on Maryland’s top court own more than one home, two are carrying more than $10,000 in non-mortgage debt, two have car payments and one is ruing a bad investment from 25 years ago.

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Supreme Court to decide if states are immune from FMLA’s self-care provisions

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday regarding a fired Maryland court employee’s contention that states can be sued for violating the self-care provision of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Daniel Coleman, once the executive director of procurement ...

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Maryland gained more minority judges than rest of U.S.

While the percentage of minority judges nationwide remained stagnant in the last decade, Maryland bucked the trend. According to figures from the Maryland Judiciary, as of July 1 nearly 23 percent of all state judges were minority members. That’s an ...

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Court of Appeals takes over professionalism course

After nearly 20 years of delegating the design, operation and expense of the professionalism course for new lawyers to the Maryland State Bar Association, the state’s top court has decided to make a change. Under a rule that went into ...

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