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Frosh calls for Judiciary rule tying bail to ability to pay

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Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh pressed the Maryland Judiciary on Tuesday to prevent judicial officers from imposing bail on criminal defendants beyond their financial means, saying such an impossible-to-pay fee essentially consigns them to jail before trial in violation of constitutional guarantees of due process and prohibitions on excessive punishment.

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Rules Committee proposes letting Md. attorneys call themselves ‘specialists’

“The objective is to communicate to laypersons and prospective clients what the lawyer does. If I say I specialize in attorney discipline cases, I’m communicating to you the nature of what my practice is about. If I were to tell you I specialize in ERISA litigation, I would be falsely representing the nature of my practice.” (File photo)

Maryland attorneys have long been prohibited from advertising themselves as “specialists” in a particular area of law. But a proposed change to the Maryland Rules would lift that ban, largely due to concern over whether it is constitutional. The Maryland ...

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Judges call on Md. legislature to assert itself in mental health issue

Having district court commissioners determine if defendants are indigent would compromise the commissioners’ ability to be neutral arbiters in cases, Chief Maryland District Court Judge John P. Morrissey told state senators Thursday. ‘We are not the prosecuting body,’ he said. ‘We are the neutral body.’(Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

ANNAPOLIS — Members of Maryland’s judiciary Tuesday called on legislators to ensure that the state health department promptly care for criminal defendants waiting for court-ordered psychological evaluations for possible commitment or to determine their competency to stand trial. Baltimore City District Court Judge George ...

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