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Gun group makes last bid for justices’ review of Md. bump stock ban

The gun right group maintains that the state’s ban on bump stocks and other “rapid-fire trigger activators” devices amounts to a “taking” of private property for which “just compensation” is constitutionally owed. (AP Photo/Allen Breed, File)

Maryland cannot avoid its constitutional obligation to financially compensate gun owners for having forced them to surrender what had been lawfully possessed devices to make their firearms fire faster just because they had become “politically unpopular property,” a gun rights ...

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Gun rights groups revive challenge to handgun permit standard


After failing in 2013, gun rights advocates have resurrected their constitutional challenge to Maryland’s handgun permit law, saying its requirement that applicants provide the state with a “good and substantial reason” to carry the weapon outside the home violates their ...

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Judge rejects bid to block Md. bump-stock ban from taking effect

FILE - In this Feb. 1, 2013, file photo, an employee of North Raleigh Guns demonstrates how a "bump" stock works at the Raleigh, N.C., shop. The gunman who unleashed hundreds of rounds of gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, attached what is called a "bump-stock" to two of his weapons, in effect converting semiautomatic firearms into fully automatic ones. (AP Photo/Allen Breed, File)

Maryland’s recently enacted ban on attachments that enable guns to fire more rapidly will go into effect as scheduled Oct. 1 after a federal judge Friday rejected a bid from gun-rights advocates to block enforcement of the law while its constitutionality remains in litigation.

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