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The Kratt Brothers take me back to 5th grade

I got a release Wednesday about the Kratt Brothers coming to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. The stars of the PBS series “Wild Kratts” will perform two live shows June 26. Now, if you have no idea who these guys ...

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Editorial: The legacy of William Donald Schaefer

The adjectives have flowed freely following the death of William Donald Schaefer: mercurial, demanding, indomitable, irascible, autocratic, quirky, impatient, impossible, insufferable, inspiring, extraordinary. Each is accurate and yet each is incomplete because each shows only one facet of an extraordinarily ...

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Take a walk on the flamingo side

Monday’s trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore made for some fun — however cold — findings. Not only were the snowy owls, different sea gulls and pileated woodpeckers out for the bird watchers, but so were the flamingos. The ...

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