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General Assembly to again consider broadcasting sentencing hearings

Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr., D-Baltimore City and sponsor of a bill that would allow criminal sentencing proceedings to be televised, says it’s important to show people what goes on in court, particularly in the wake of the Justice Department findings and consent decree calling for reform of Baltimore’s criminal justice system. (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

A Baltimore city delegate has reintroduced legislation to allow media organizations to film and broadcast criminal sentencing proceedings after his bill died in committee during last year’s General Assembly session. Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr.’s cameras in the courtroom bill ...

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House committee to consider cameras-in-courtrooms bill

A bill before the House of Delegates would permit the recording of sentencing proceedings in courtrooms, such as this one in Carroll County Circuit Court, with a judge’s consent. The Judiciary is against the proposed legislation.

Cameras are barred from criminal court proceedings in Maryland, but a bill introduced in the House of Delegates seeks to allow media representatives to record criminal sentencing proceedings with permission of the court. “As the press association, we always feel ...

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O.J. with your ‘Serial’?

Scott MacMullan

Our nation’s obsession with the Serial podcast is this generation's O.J. Simpson trial. Both have riveted audiences and made discussion of legal issues an everyday occurrence among non-lawyers. In turn, they have raised some interesting questions about how media can influence a trial -- and how one famous case can influence another.

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Fox News: We’re not taking domestic abuse lightly

Fox News Channel host Brian Kilmeade insists the network's morning show isn't taking domestic abuse too lightly after it was criticized for comments made about the video showing football player Ray Rice hitting his future wife.

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