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Another paper laid to rest

This time it’s the Ann Arbor News, a 174-year-old publication, that will cease production this year. Publisher Laurel Champion, “visibly emotional,” according to the story on the Web site, broke the news to employees this morning, saying that the paper’s ...

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A-twitter over Twitter

I used my Twitter account for the first time last week while covering the Exxon verdict in Baltimore County Circuit Court. Turns out I chose to start using the “micro-blogging” site (which limits entries to 140 characters or less) just as “tweets” in the legal ...

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Newspapers as souvenirs

It’s funny how the world of news gathering and documenting works today. The 24-hour news cycle on cable networks has all but extinguished the power of a newspaper’s front page headlines, circulation and home delivery numbers are sinking and advertising ...

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The next Great Depression: How ya like them apples?

In today’s paper, my colleague Danielle Ulman quoted ClearBridge Advisors Chief Investment Officer Hersh Cohen as saying that he doesn’t believe we’re in a crisis comparable to the Great Depression: “I have a house full of prints from the 1930s, ...

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Jump on the new media bandwagon

When I was in college four short months ago, almost everyone I knew had a Facebook or MySpace account. If you didn’t have one (I was in this camp for a little bit), you felt like you were out of ...

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Brian Wilson leaving Baltimore’s airwaves again

Less than six months after former Baltimore radio host Brian Wilson returned to the city’s airwaves, his show on CBS radio affiliate WHFS-FM (105.7) has been scrapped from the struggling station’s line-up. The news was first reported on DCRTV, an ...

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