Dec 23, 2010

Updates on the secret Shapiro settlement

While Baltimore City Solicitor George A. Nilson and Steven Kupferberg, the attorney for mistakenly arrested violinist Yakov Shapiro, still differ as to the origin of the confidentiality of their settlement, allow me to offer a few updates related to the case. There’s been a strong reader reaction to the story of Shapiro’s travail — which […]

Dec 16, 2010

Does ‘Person of the Year’ do Mark Zuckerberg justice?

Years from now, when people look back at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, I think naming him Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” will seem like an understated honor. Often when my eyes glaze over my Facebook news feed, I think about how many people are active users. As of the end of this year, more […]

Dec 10, 2010

Hon Inc. and ‘pulling a Danny’

Judging by the reader responses to news that the word “Hon” has been trademarked, some Baltimoreans might have a new name for Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting: Atilla. The great John McIntyre explains why this touches a nerve: What leads to the raised voices is the question of ownership of language. And with that question […]

Dec 8, 2010

Taking on Big Medicine and U.S. health care with heart

The Sun’s Jay Hancock got well-deserved props in the Twitterverse Tuesday for his column on the latest in the St. Joseph Medical Center stent investigation (including praise from an old Daily Record/Maryland Business friend now at the Wall Street Journal). Hancock revealed his star turn in some Abbott Laboratories’ e-mail correspondence subpoenaed by the Senate […]

Dec 6, 2010

Law blog roundup

Still upset about last night’s game? Just getting to work now because of last night’s game? Here are some links to take your mind off it. A former Baltimore County public defender starts a law firm in Annapolis focusing on “low bono” clients. Are we ripe for growth in the small-town lawyer arena? An Above […]

Nov 30, 2010

University of Georgia student newspaper editor drinks, gets sacked

I’ll be speaking with some college journalists at my alma mater tonight and next week about social media, but I’m also going to offer this pearl of wisdom: Don’t drink – even a sip – if you’re scheduled to see the university president and governor at a football game. Just ask Daniel Burnett, editor-in-chief of […]

Nov 18, 2010

Harry Potter at the Senator Theatre: Shock and awe

That’s the fallout as pop culture and wizardry once again invade the tiny box office at the Senator Theatre under new management. More than 700 tickets have been sold thus far for Thursday’s midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 at the historic Senator, says Kathleen Cusack, the theater’s new […]

Nov 9, 2010

Shirvell fired; lawsuit next?

If you’ve never heard of Andrew Shirvell, I’ll let Anderson Cooper tell you about him in the video below. (If you’d like Shirvell with a side of snark, check out this Daily Show story from last week.) Shirvell was fired Monday from his position as an assistant attorney general in Michigan. His lawyer says Shirvell […]

Oct 29, 2010

Sick of campaign ad avalanche? TV stations aren’t

NEW YORK — For TV viewers, this cutthroat election year is a riot of attack ads and media saturation made possible by big-money donors. For TV stations, it’s a stimulus package. One research group expects TV political spending to hit a record $3 billion. The windfall may continue well past Election Day because regular advertisers […]

Oct 27, 2010

Juan Williams: The Interview

Juan Williams told colorful stories about Thurgood Marshall and the importance of pro bono work Tuesday night at Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service’s annual awards reception. He also addressed what would otherwise have become the elephant in the room. “I’ve been through some rough water the last few days,” Williams said at the outset of his […]

Oct 26, 2010

“Juan” interesting keynote speaker

Tonight I’ll be attending Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service’s pro bono recognition reception at the University of Maryland School of Law. The event will honor lawyers and law firms for their pro bono service, including three lawyers who have taken at least one case a year from MVLS for the last 10 years. Oh, and the […]

Oct 24, 2010

Human values versus rule of law

The anguished expression of Albert Snyder on the front page of the Oct. 7, 2010, Baltimore Sun tells several stories — the father of a 20-year-old son killed in Iraq on March 3, 2006; a funeral that became a public spectacle; a group’s take on why men and women like Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder […]

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