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Mediation in a complicated world

  This writer’s 21st-century “branding” is as a “senior judge” when I am recalled to sit as a trial court judge or as a mediator for the Court of Special Appeals or for a trial court. When I am not ...

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Jeff Trueman: Mediators in the culture of litigation

More than 10 years have passed since Randall Kiser and his colleagues documented how often and at what cost attorneys obtain a result worse than what could have been achieved by accepting their opponents’ pre-trial settlement proposal. Generally speaking, Kiser ...

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What is the proper role of a party-appointed arbitrator?

Coming to arbitration practice from years on the bench, I was somewhat surprised to encounter party-appointed arbitrators who were not entirely impartial. Because commercial arbitration has its roots in labor arbitration and collective bargaining negotiations with company and union representatives ...

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