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Opinions: Maryland Court of Appeals

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Civil Procedure, Contribution among joint tortfeasors: Physician defendant in wrongful death action, judgment against whom was reduced by a settlement entered into with a hospital, with an attendant release, was not entitled to further reduction by ...

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March Madness

Today is March 9, 2010. If my calculations are correct, the Maryland General Assembly has 35 days left in this year’s legislative session. March madness indeed. (I apologize if you were expecting this blog post to be about the NCAA ...

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Illinois does what Maryland didn’t

This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down that state’s law capping medical malpractice damages. This is notable in light of our own Court of Appeals’ decision last month not to interfere with the cap here. In the Maryland case, ...

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Medical malpractice: A look from both sides

This past year was quite a memorable year for me.  One of the most significant events was that I went from being a med mal defense lawyer back to being a Plaintiffs’ med mal lawyer. Because the whole defense lawyer ...

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Monday law blog round-up

Happy Monday! Ron Miller takes issue with The Ethicist’s advice to a doctor who doesn’t want to treat a medical malpractice lawyer. In the context of why most great blawgs aren’t written by big-law types, Carolyn Elefant has this to ...

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