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Law would aid transfer of mentally ill from jail to hospital (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s General Assembly has approved legislation that will require state-run psychiatric hospitals to more quickly accept patients who are supposed to be transferred out of local jails. The Baltimore Sun reports that the legislation passed the Assembly Monday ...

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Feds seek dismissal of Loughner’s appeal over meds

PHOENIX — Prosecutors asked a court to dismiss an appeal by the Tucson shooting rampage suspect over his forced medication with psychotropic drugs. The dismissal request was made Friday with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Jared Lee Loughner’s attorneys ...

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Lawyers in Bethesda yoga shop killing suggest mental health defense

ROCKVILLE — Lawyers for a woman charged with killing a co-worker at an upscale yoga clothing shop in Bethesda say they plan to call at least one mental health expert at the October trial. The statements in court Wednesday lay ...

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