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Christopher Helmrath: The M&A market is ignoring economic doomsayers

The alarmist news on economic indicators seems like a constant drumbeat these days: History says economic expansions aren’t supposed to last this long, bond yields are inverted, major economies in Europe and Japan are supposedly stuck in a no-growth pattern, ...

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Why some brilliant deals end up failing

When mergers and acquisitions work out as planned, the result can be a thing of beauty. Synergies are realized, efficiencies reaped, market share expanded and employee teams melded into precisely humming clockwork. But there are times when M&As do not ...

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How to determine your company’s value

“What’s the value of my company?” It’s a question that we’re constantly fielding from entrepreneurs operating companies of varying sizes across a broad range of industries. They frequently expect a formula-driven answer, failing to appreciate the breadth of valuation methods, ...

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