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Pentagon estimates operating F-35 fleet may cost $1 trillion

It may cost as much as $1 trillion to operate the military’s fleet of Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 aircraft for several decades, according to a preliminary Pentagon estimate sent to Congress. The figure is 9.3 percent more than the $915 ...

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Getaways: the 1860s (access required)

This weekend, Baltimore will commemorate 150 years since the Pratt Street Riot in 1861. Friday will kick off with a symposium by the Maryland Historical Society titled, “Land of the Free? The Fate of Civil Liberties in Baltimore in 1861.” ...

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The more things change … (access required)

“Steve, call John McCain and get his reaction to the U.S. attack on Libya.” That assignment from my editor came not last month but nearly 25 years ago, on April 15, 1986. The U.S. military, on the orders of then-President Ronald Reagan, ...

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