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Tag Archives: Millennials

Legal market remains hot for three-to-five-year associates, experts say

Associates with three to five years of experience continue to be in high demand and, despite usually falling into the often-maligned millennial generation, they aren’t behaving differently than their predecessors. The market is looking for attorneys with this experience level right ...

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Millennials may follow parents’ footsteps to suburbs

Urbanists for the past decade predicted the millennial generation would save American cities. These urban evangelists argued the most populous generation in the United States distinctly prefers city living compared to older Americans of the baby boom generation and Generation ...

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Program LEADs millennials in Baltimore engagement

Providing a more personal connection to the city through educational leadership programs may be enough to retain young professionals in Baltimore. At least, that’s what Economic Alliance of Baltimore and Business Volunteers Maryland leaders hope their LEAD pilot program will do. “Millennials will be ...

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