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Supreme Court’s ‘Miranda’ ruling leaves lawyers guessing

The U.S. Supreme Court’s splintered ruling allowing a witness’ pre-arrest silence to be introduced at trial — its latest decision carving out more of the contours of defendants’ well-known right to remain silent — seemed at first blush to be a devastating blow to defense attorneys and their clients.

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Justices seem troubled by use of pre-Miranda silence

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court appeared to worry Wednesday about letting a prosecutor use pre-Miranda silence against a suspect in court, with some justices calling the idea of a jury considering a person’s refusal to answer incriminating questions “scary,” ‘‘radical” ...

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Opinions – 4/2/12: Maryland Court of Appeals

Criminal Procedure Interrogation after invocation of Miranda rights BOTTOM LINE: The conversation that ensued after defendant’s invocation of his right to an attorney constituted an impermissible custodial interrogation and, therefore, defendant’s inculpatory statements should have been suppressed. CASE: Phillips v. ...

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Continuing conversation voids first-degree murder conviction

Maryland’s top court has overturned a first-degree murder conviction because a sheriff’s lieutenant kept talking to the suspect after he said he wanted a lawyer. The lieutenant continued to talk to Charles Robert Phillips for five to 10 minutes, telling ...

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