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$5M award stands in police pattern case

Maryland’s top court affirmed a $5 million judgment for a man who was falsely arrested and imprisoned for the murder of his estranged wife and was not released for eight months. Monday’s decision by the Court of Appeals establishes that ...

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Bernstein opens trial of Baltimore officers accused of kidnapping

Gregg Bernstein introduced himself to jurors Wednesday as the Baltimore City state’s attorney. Then he introduced the three police officers accused of kidnapping and abandoning two Baltimore teenagers, pointing to each one for emphasis. “They thought that just because they ...

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Police settlements continue to mount

Continuing a trend that has cost Baltimore several million dollars in recent years, the city is expected to pay out another $290,000 this month to settle another pair of lawsuits alleging police misconduct. The first case, which settled during trial ...

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Attorney misconduct claims rise in Maryland

The relationship between Maryland lawyers and their clients apparently has soured in the past 18 months. Lawyers allegedly have been communicating less with their clients, dipping into client escrow funds more and engaging in more dishonesty, according to a report ...

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