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Tag Archives: Modern Marketing

Year-end marketing ‘do’s and don’ts’

‘Tis the season to review and rapidly implement your year-end marketing and public relations strategies. From thanking your business referrals to effectively not annoying others by the misuse of your social media contacts lists, there are a few extra “do’s ...

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Five Inexpensive PR Tips for 2021 Success

It’s time for marketers and public relations practitioners to brush off their toolboxes and see what is available to help their organizations or clients gear towards success next year. Obviously with most activities now online rather than in person, and ...

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The complexity of election advertising

The political advertising landscape has never been more complex. Regulatory changes, diverse pricing structures in battleground markets, copyright infringement on mainly digital assets, expansion of market segments with more effective reach, and privacy issues on data are just a few ...

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Holding a successful virtual fundraising event

In this continued era of social isolation, nonprofit organizations have to deal with the unanticipated need to raise funds by adapting their major in-person events. Creative migration  to Zoom, Google Hangouts and similar virtual approaches are now a necessary way ...

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Once upon a time: The value of storytelling

The best brand managers, and you are all managers of your brand in some fashion, are those who can write or tell compelling narratives to give clients/customers/donors an emotional connection to the brand. From the early childhood experiences of “tell ...

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Post-pandemic marketing: A new abnormal?

Many of us have a new and unanticipated vocabulary. Zoom. Skype. Google Hangout. Video calls with doctors and colleagues illustrate the adoption of such technology. We are witness to and participants in rapid consumer behavioral change. We also have been ...

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