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Tag Archives: Modern Marketing

Baltimore area marketing/PR firms in transition

There has been an unusually large amount of change over the past several months for the Baltimore metropolitan area’s marketing and public relations firms. The changes reflect favorable industry growth. Most recently, award-winning Weiss PR announced a business transition and ...

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Marketing Down Under

I enjoy traveling and have had the chance to visit several far afield locales these past 12 months. Ten days in Australia and New Zealand was my most recent and furthest trek, and I wanted to share some firsthand business ...

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Marketing for a cause

Charities are always in need of and grateful for corporate donations for their philanthropic causes. These gifts are often strategic donations without any expectation of a commercial gain and are not mentioned in the company’s sales or advertising campaigns. On ...

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Innovations in wardrobe shopping

If you have been out and about in offices from downtown Baltimore to Hunt Valley, you’ll have noticed the rapid evolution of workplace wardrobes. Dressing for successful business relationships is still as important as ever, but now there is a ...

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