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To retreat or not to retreat?

Once a year or so, it’s a great idea to “market” to your own organization’s staff and members by holding a company or department retreat. This is not a party or family picnic. Rather, retreats combine formal and informal working ...

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Lessons to learn with logos

Do logos matter? I have had numerous opportunities to work with diverse organizations over the years to help them develop logos and logo identity systems to define, illustrate, and grow their brands. One memorable one was for Sinai Hospital. From ...

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Drive your marketing with research

Marketing is at its best when it is data-driven. An old marketing mantra is that it is not important what you think, it’s what your customer thinks. How satisfied or engaged are your clients, donors or customers? What features of ...

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The forecast for podcasts

Podcasts are currently getting increased interest from both listeners and sponsors/advertisers, partially due to the recent focus and fame of the wildly popular programs, “Serial” and “This American Life.” Yet audio programs have been available for streaming or real-time listening ...

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Tips for your marketing toolbox

  With so many tools in the marketer’s toolbox for 2017, what’s a business developer/marketer to do? There’s a growing culture of impatience for instantaneous interactions and response. Think Uber and Amazon. This reduced attention span concept drives some of ...

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If you can’t spell, you can’t market

Let’s end the calendar year with a reminder that grammar and spelling mistakes strongly and negatively impact your brand. The size of your business does not matter. At the larger national brand end, the recent Planet Fitness ad series incorporates ...

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