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Hoping to hit the (court-ordered) jackpot

Siblings fighting over money is, unfortunately, not news. But a financial dispute between sisters in Connecticut is newsworthy for two reasons: The money is from a winning Powerball ticket. The sisters are in their 80s. Theresa Sokaitis, 84, and Rose ...

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Reduce energy consumption, get rewards

I know you’ve all heard this before — making your home more energy efficient will not only help the planet, but save you money. For those of you who want to up the ante by saving money and earning rewards ...

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The cost of being rewarded

Ever wonder how your bank can afford to hand over gift cards, iPods or even a wine tasting in Napa through its rewards cards? Well, apparently putting your John Hancock on an electronic signature pad when you make a purchase ...

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“Double Eagles” coin legal battle

Talk about a cold case. A U.S. District Court judge recently ruled that the federal government will have to prove a Philadelphia jewelry dealer stole rare, gold 1933 “double eagle” coins from the U.S. Mint – 75 years ago, according to The New York ...

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Sticker shock on finance bailout

$23.7 trillion is a lot of money. But before you get all upset about the potential price TARP cop Neil Barofsky said it could cost the federal government to bailout the financial system, you’ve got to see the conditions it ...

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