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Court to allow girls to buy morning-after for now

NEW YORK — A federal appeals court has decided to permit girls of any age to buy generic versions of emergency contraception without prescriptions while the federal government appeals a judge’s ruling allowing the sales. The order Wednesday was met ...

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HHS says no to over-the-counter morning-after pill

WASHINGTON — The U.S. health secretary stopped the Plan B morning-after pill from moving onto drugstore shelves next to the condoms, deciding in a surprise move Wednesday that young girls should not be able to buy it on their own. ...

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FDA debates over-the-counter morning-after pill

WASHINGTON — The government is considering whether it’s OK for young teenagers to buy the morning-after pill without a prescription. Teva Pharmaceuticals wants its Plan B morning-after pill to become the first truly over-the-counter form of emergency contraception. The pill ...

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