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Fannie Mae cited for failing to stop robo-signing

WASHINGTON — Fannie Mae missed chances to catch law firms illegally signing foreclosure documents and its government overseer did not take the right steps to ensure Fannie was doing its job, according to a federal watchdog. The Federal Housing Finance ...

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Robert Nusgart: Volatility sends mortgage rates even lower

Amazing. Just amazing. The last week in the mortgage industry has been a series of wild swings of ups and downs that has culminated in a furious wave of phone calls and emails to borrowers and homeowners to get them ...

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Robert Nusgart: Feds getting new good-faith estimate right

Finally, they might be getting it right. As a part of the sweeping changes to the mortgage industry, the federal government about two years ago stepped in and decided to redesign the good-faith estimate form that all lenders are required ...

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