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Robert Nusgart: Home prices, rates, loan limits moving lower

This week we learned that mortgage rates are moving lower, housing prices nationally are moving lower and FHA loan limits are gearing to move lower. So all mixed together, what does it mean as we head into summer? Obviously, low ...

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Severe housing price declines are spreading

WASHINGTON — Even cities that weathered the housing market crash with relatively little damage are suffering now. Severe price declines have spread to Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Cleveland, which had mostly withstood the bust in housing since 2006. The damage ...

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Foreclosures in spotlight at annual Bank of America meeting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Foreclosures and home mortgage modifications took center stage at Bank of America Corp.’s annual meeting Wednesday. Outside the headquarters of the nation’s largest bank, protesters held signs and gave testimonials about their own foreclosure experiences. At the ...

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Attorneys, notaries on the hot seat over foreclosure filings

Tough questions about the origin and authenticity of questionable signatures on foreclosure documents continued for a third consecutive day in Baltimore City Circuit Court Monday, this time with employees of Virginia-based Shapiro & Burson LLP taking the stand to answer ...

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Feds vote to exempt some mortgages from new rules

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators are proposing to exempt certain mortgages from new rules aimed at getting banks to take on more risk when they package and sell mortgage investments. Critics say the proposal could hurt low- and moderate-income borrowers by ...

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