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Duress defense applies only to imminent death, Maryland high court says (access required)

Members of violent gangs who kill out of fear they would soon be killed if they disobeyed a deadly order cannot later claim they acted out of duress in order to change a murder charge to voluntary manslaughter, Maryland’s top court unanimously ruled Friday.

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What constitutes ‘exoneration’? Minnesota court reverses compensation ruling for murder case ‘linchpin’ (access required)

A Minnesota manslaughter case that has bounced back and forth from the trial court and two appellate courts has raised complex questions about the nature of exoneration – and when compensation is justly required.

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Baltimore gang members indicted in connection with dozens of shootings, many fatal (access required)

Federal prosecutors announced the indictment of 15 alleged members and associates of a Baltimore gang in connection with 18 killings, 27 attempted killings, witness intimidation and running street-level drug distribution “shops.”

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