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Judge denies Oaks motion to dismiss 6 counts from indictment

A federal judge Tuesday denied state Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks' motions to dismiss portions of the indictment against him, finding the lawmaker's request for draft legislation of a bond bill allegedly in exchange for a bribe constituted an "official act."

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Oaks attorneys debate meaning of ‘official act’ in bribery case

Attorneys for state Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks argued Friday for the dismissal of six counts of the indictment against him, claiming his request the Maryland Department of Legislative Services draft a bond bill in the fall of 2016 was not an official act.

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Oaks pleads not guilty to obstruction as lawyers argue for severance

State Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks pleaded not guilty to obstruction of justice charges Thursday in federal court, where his attorneys argued that charge should be severed from nine others accusing him of bribery and fraud. Oaks, D-Baltimore City, appeared in U.S. District ...

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Hearing in Oaks case set for day after General Assembly convenes

A federal judge will hear state Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks’ request to sever his fraud-related charges from a later obstruction of justice charge just one day after the 2018 General Assembly session begins. The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Jan. 11 ...

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