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Academics talk research reform

If American research universities aren’t already in crisis mode, they’re getting close, according to some government, business, and academic leaders who gathered in Baltimore on Thursday to address a host of funding and policy issues they say are undercutting what should be a vibrant scientific climate.

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’09 groundwater pollution study at Ft. Detrick flawed

HAGERSTOWN — A 2009 federal study that concluded groundwater contamination from Fort Detrick was unlikely to have harmful health effects was flawed, a national scientific panel said Monday, prompting the state’s two U.S. senators to demand a faster cleanup of ...

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Mikulski demands faster Fort Detrick groundwater cleanup

HAGERSTOWN — U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski is demanding a faster cleanup of Fort Detrick groundwater after a national panel of scientists faulted a study that concluded harmful health effects were unlikely. The Maryland Democrat said Monday that cleanup efforts at ...

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Study: Long commutes could fatigue airline pilots

WASHINGTON — One in five airline pilots lives at least 750 miles from work, according to a study by scientific advisers to the government, raising concerns that long commutes to airports could lead to fatigue in the cockpit. The calculations ...

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Science panel assesses Chesapeake Bay restoration plan

A panel of scientists and environmentalists says the ambitious plan to restore the Chesapeake Bay faces a number of challenges to successfully achieve the massive reclamation project. They include improved tracking of efforts to reduce pollution into the bay, climate ...

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