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Without funding, Md. fracking could face delay

ANNAPOLIS — Failure to pass legislation that would have forced energy companies to fund gas drilling studies could mean more delays for those wanting to tap in the natural gas lurking in western Maryland. Members of a commission created to ...

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General Assembly faces a busy final day

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers will enter the final day of the 2012 session faced with a long list of unresolved important issues. Faced with mandatory adjournment at midnight, the long-time presiding officers of both chambers warned their members to be ready ...

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Poll: Study of fracking is needed

ANNAPOLIS — More than 70 percent of Marylanders want a controversial natural gas drilling technique to be studied before it is allowed in Western Maryland, according to a poll released on Tuesday. The poll, commissioned by Chesapeake Climate Action, a ...

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Dan Ervin: State’s pursuit of offshore wind power risky

As the 2012 General Assembly takes up offshore wind power in its closing days, it is important for all Marylanders to understand that such a pursuit will introduce additional risk to our state’s economy. The high cost of offshore wind ...

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Editorial: Fracking study is wise course

The House of Delegates acted wisely this week in approving legislation that would require energy companies to pay to pay for environmental safety studies before drilling into the Marcellus Shale beneath Western Maryland in their search for natural gas. Under ...

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Consumer prices up because of higher gas costs

WASHINGTON — A sharp jump in gasoline prices drove a measure of U.S. consumer costs up in February. But outside higher pump prices, inflation stayed mild. The Labor Department said Friday that the consumer price index rose 0.4 percent in ...

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