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Client sues Annapolis lawyer, alleging negligence

An Annapolis trial attorney will face a $300,000 negligence lawsuit brought by a former client who alleges the attorney’s failure to disclose an expert witness doomed his personal injury case against the state of Maryland. The lawsuit, filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court on Monday, further claims that Paul S. Blumenthal violated the Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct by not explaining to his client, David Harding, the significance of his failure to disclose the witness. Harding had retained Blumenthal to represent him after he was injured in a 2006 motorcycle accident he said was caused by a sinkhole formed after a section of the state highway he was driving on collapsed.

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High court will hear Actos failure-to-warn appeal

With more than $1.75 million at stake, Maryland’s top court said it will consider whether a pharmaceutical company should be held financially liable for negligently failing to warn doctors about a drug’s potentially carcinogenic side effect even though the cancer victim contributed to the fatal disease by smoking cigarettes.

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Appellant was badly injured after being struck by a car driven by an intoxicated eighteen-year-old. Appellee allegedly provided alcohol to the underaged driver. The circuit court granted summary judgment for appellee on the grounds that Maryland does not hold social hosts liable for the injuries caused by their intoxicated guests

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