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Neil Dubovsky: Food-stamp challenge: the final stretch

As our food-stamp experience proceeds to its conclusion on Sunday, I have found myself feeling guilty. While this may seem strange to many, the reason is actually quite simple. Now that the finish line is in sight, I realize how excited I am for Monday and a return to my normal life. I think about how much I look forward to going out to dinner again, having a drink, eating dessert. Only a few more days until I can go back to my usual routine. That should be easy enough. Hang in there.

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Neil Dubovsky: Food stamp challenge – the importance of SNAP

Today is day 3 of my family’s participation in the food stamp challenge, and so far, so good. I will provide greater detail tomorrow, but as I stated yesterday, I want to devote today’s column to providing more information about the food stamp program itself and its importance.

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Neil Dubovsky: Food stamp challenge – healthy options a luxury

Yesterday was the first day of our food stamp challenge, so we used the weekend to finalize our preparations. We created a list in which we calculated the number of meals we thought we would need for the week and the anticipated cost. Fortunately, we were able to buy everything for $70, about $5 under our allotted budget. That gives us a $20-$25 budget “cushion” in the event our initial food purchase does not last the entire week.

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Neil Dubovsky: A litigator tries living on food stamps

For one week beginning Dec. 17, my family and I will be participating in an event known as the Food Stamp Challenge. The challenge itself is fairly self-explanatory. Participants are required to commit to living for one week on the budget of a food stamp recipient. That equates to $31.50 per person for the week, or an average of approximately $1.50 per meal.

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