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Accused presidential historian allowed to return home

A federal judge in Maryland is allowing a presidential historian charged with conspiring to steal valuable documents to return to his New York City apartment with GPS monitoring and no Internet access. A judge on Friday denied an appeal of ...

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Presidential historian to remain in custody

A presidential historian charged in a conspiracy to steal documents from archives in several states will remain in federal custody while authorities search his New York City apartment again. Barry Landau’s attorney says a hearing on Landau’s release will be ...

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Bail set for historians charged with theft of historical documents

The FBI is unraveling a yearlong plot by two New York City men to sell valuable historical documents they stole from archives around the country, a Baltimore prosecutor said Tuesday at bail hearings related to the alleged theft of $6 ...

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Plans for Maryland 9/11 Memorial to be unveiled

Watch a Daily Record video from when the pieces of the World Trade Center were brought to Baltimore in November Designers of the Maryland 9/11 Memorial are unveiling their plans. The design for the memorial planned for the plaza in ...

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Supreme Court won’t stop Fed from revealing loan data

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court won’t stop the release of Federal Reserve Board documents identifying financial companies that received Fed loans to survive the financial crisis. An association of bankers wanted to stop the release but the court refused Monday ...

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